The Wisconsin Dells, your source for life changing news.

Where to begin?  The Dell’s has always been a place of tradition in my family.  I celebrated my first birthday there, and just about every summer since.  For Leslie and I, we’ve had quite a few big events together as well.

We vacationed there with family.
We’ve bought ridiculous t-shirts.
We were engaged at Devil’s Lake.
We accepted an offer on our home.

And, in a very special place, we found out Leslie was pregnant with our first child!

I present to you, outside restroom 4 of the Tanger Outlet Mall.

Leslie sees the news.

Leslie sees the news.

Pretty clear.

Pretty clear.

And then, as we finished the rest of the trip to Milwaukee, we had to keep a secret.

3 thoughts on “The Wisconsin Dells, your source for life changing news.

  1. We are thrilled, excited and so proud to have a precious little one on the way. It was the best birthday gift Norm ever received. We so appreciated having the honor of hearing the news in person. We love you “all” so much!
    Mom and Dad Jones

  2. Leslie & Andrew,
    We are so excited for the two of you! We so enjoyed your visit and the wonderful New’s. Mamaw and Papaw can hardly wait. The two of you will be wonderful parents. We pray that this pregnancy goes well for all of you. can’t hardly wait to share.
    We Love you Andrew, Leslie & “Blueberry”
    Mom & Dad New

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