Early emotions.

There we were watching Downton Abby, and without warning, someone read the internet.  Leslie had been feeling steady discomfort for the last several days and began surfing the internet for answers.  She found some frightening responses, which prompted her to call the nurse’s line.

Leslie, was now visibly upset, so we took a trip to urgent care to see if we could dispel some of her fears.  Being at urgent care we had a very nice nurse, but a doctor who wasn’t quite ready to send us on our way.  She directed us to the ER to get some ultrasounds and confirmation that a pregnancy still existed.

After several hours, we got the news we had hoped for.  Everything was as it should be at such an early stage.  We’ll have a follow up this weekend to further confirm the correct hormone levels.  Leslie seems to be more at ease now, and we hope to enjoy a healthy and happy pregnancy for the duration.

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