The Vegas of the Midwest

Of course I’m talking about the Wisconsin Dells.  If you haven’t been there, you don’t know.  I’ve been there for the last 30 years of my life or so.  While my interests have changed, I still look forward to going at the end of the summer every year.  It’s certainly evolved over the years, and so have we.

2 years ago it was the engagement, 1 year ago we sold our home, this year we got to share our news of a little one with the rest of the family.

This weekend started unfortunately at around 11:30 PM Thursday night.  Unfortunately, Leslie’s school doesn’t acknowledge potential conflicts with holding “Back to School” night the Thursday before Labor Day weekend, who knows what they are thinking.  So we kicked off our drive a little late, Leslie rested comfortably and slept, which allowed me to listen to how poorly the Packer replacements played in our last preseason game.  Possibly heard the last snap of Vince Young’s disappointing career?  Anyway.

For the second year in a row we’ve stayed in a cabin at the Wilderness Resort.  While our water park contingent was noticeably smaller, with my Dad’s infected leg sidelining him.  Leslie managed to take to the lazy river, ignoring all warning signs, and float along happily with baby.  Erica trooped it out and got in a public pool, challenging some of the more vigorous rides.  It should be noted, Cliff still squeals the loudest.  I can only attribute this to having a son graduating from Indiana.

It was apparently my Golden Birthday this weekend as well.  Erica came up with some creative “Breaking Bad” themed party favors.

We also took the baby on it’s second voyage on a pontoon boat, deciding it was better to explore the upper Dells on our own schedule, rather than the full blown Upper Dells Boat Tours.  Reactions were mixed, my mother never seemed comfortable with her sea legs, and the wakes in narrow passages of the river seemed to give her a true thrill ride.  That and pretending the motor isn’t working while passing Witch’s Gulch when it’s nearly pitch black out and we only have some of the required functioning lights surely didn’t help.  Sorry Mom.

Sunday we were off to the family reunion at Devil’s Lake, where we would share the news with another group of people.  Enjoy a day that was only slightly marred by .5 seconds of rain, take a little hike, and be thankful that it wasn’t still 95 outside.

Below you’ll see a subset of the good times that were had by all:

If you missed out this year, and still long to celebrate my birthday.  There’s always next year.  Unless, you’re staying to close to Lake Delton in a non-drought aided summer.

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