Future Grandparent Reactions

The 4th meant a busy weekend of travel.  For Leslie, it was a busy week on the move.  She started the holiday with a road trip to visit friends in Chicago on Friday, June 28th.  Leslie was starting to feel all of the usual symptoms made living out of a suitcase quite a thrill I’m sure.  I met up with Leslie later in the week in Indianapolis to attend the famed Shoals Catfish Festival.  It did not disappoint.  In fact, it put Brooklyn Park Tater Daze to shame.  We enjoyed some people watching, small town charm, rustic train rides, Amish country, a visit from her friend Colleen, but the primary reason for the in person visit was to spring some news on unsuspecting grandparents and of course, capture those moments on video for the blog.

We were able to get some good reactions on both sides.


After a weekend in Shoals, we arranged to meet my parents in Madison on the way back home.  We started our day at 5:45 am and pulled into Madison weary, yet hungry around 12:30.  My parents had another BBQ to attend in the afternoon, but we wanted to tell both parents in person.  We hoped it wasn’t too obvious, but we attempted to use my father’s birthday as a cover.  You can see the results below.

We were happy to share the news with our parents and they were both equally happy to receive it.  We swore them to secrecy, so please let me know if any of them narc’d before this website went public.  We’re watching you!


Also, over the course of a 12 hour drive, you have plenty of time to do some thinking.  This led to an immaculate conception of a new twitter account for the little one.  I’m sure it will become a feature of the blog.  Feel free to follow along to the musings of Baby Indiana Jones, thoughts from the womb. @babyindyjones

We made it back from a long road trip safe and sound, and we got the pleasure of seeing our very first, very appropriate tweet.

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