Week 19

This week has been a tiring one for me!  We haven’t had any big plans, but the long days at work definitely caught up with me.  I have felt more emotional and tired than ever.  This week I fell asleep pretty much immediately after eating dinner every evening.  I began to feel concerned that my iron levels were low with the amount of fatigue I’ve had.  I also bumped my leg last week and had a HUGE bruise and swelling for such a minor bump.  I decided to call the nurse line on Thursday and they suggested that I see my midwife or doctor.  I was able to schedule an appointment that day for after work.  During the visit, the midwife used the handheld fetal heart doppler to check for Baby’s heart rate.  Right after she was able to find the heart rate there was a loud “SWOOSH”!  Baby had moved to the other side of my bump.  She was able to locate the heart beat and measured it at 147 beats per minute (which is perfect!).  My lab results were all normal as well.  So we will attribute the fatigue to my job!  Every thing else this week is going great.  The count down to the 20 week ultrasound is in the single digits now as we look forward to seeing our little one on the big screen!

Here’s what Baby Jones is up to this week: 

  • Baby is weighing in at 8.5 ounces and is 6 inches long.  Baby is about the size of a mango!
  • I FELT THE BABY MOVE THIS WEEK!!! 🙂  Baby has been having lots of fun moving around.
  • Baby’s nerve cells are developing for his/her senses of taste, smell, hearing, and sight.
  • Vernix caseosa is covering the baby to protect his/her skin until birth.
  • Baby’s arms and legs are proportionally sized now.
  • Baby’s hair is sprouting.  (Will he or she have light hair like Dad or dark hair like Mom?)

Here’s what is happening with me this week: 


  • Round ligament pains
  • Tired!!!
  • Feeling lots of baby movements which makes me so happy!  I think Andrew has gotten a little jealous that he can’t feel it by touch yet.
  • I have officially gained 7 pounds so far.

Food Aversions

  • Chicken
  • Any meat that is cooked below well-done.  I have always ordered red meat to be well-done (no pink and charred).  Andrew and I went to Ruby Tuesday’s this week and I ordered the Mini-Hamburgers and salad bar.  I took one bite of the mini and nearly threw up.  They were red in the middle!!!  GROSS!!

Food Cravings

  • Oat Bran Cereal
  • Skinny Cow Chocolate Fudge Bars
  • Celery and Peanut Butter


  • I have officially switched to using my pregnancy pillow and a regular pillow when sleeping.  With the back, hip, and shoulder aches, the pillows surrounding me have really helped.  I also don’t wake up as often with my arms numb.

Other Updates

  • Andrew would like to update everyone regarding our “gopher situation”.  He reports there have been no other gopher sightings since he trapped the first one.  I’m sure you will all be able to sleep better tonight knowing that!
  • Check out another shot of the baby bump this week!  I think it has been growing at an alarming rate the past few weeks.  I’m not sure how much longer my old IU shirts will still fit.  I may have to buy a new one for our football trip in November!

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