Phase 1: The Sistine Chapel

Before.It was a work of art, then I was told I needed to paint it.

We went to Lowe’s.  I milled around browsing, hoping that guy that re-vamps backyards would be in that day and I could some how get myself a deck and an outdoor fireplace.  No luck.  So I was left with one choice, grabbing some paint cards.  Thankfully Leslie and I pretty much agreed right away.  Of course she had been “pinning” things on pinterest for what I can only imagine amounts to years.  We got a few samples, bought a brush and other essentials, because we own none of them.

We dove right in, I painted some of the samples on each of the walls to observe different color characteristics in different lights.  We made our selections and then, applying tape.  What a task.  Seriously, worst part.

After the tape began the cutting in, not to bad, a little putzy towards the ceiling, because it’s most likely too delicate for tape.

Ready for the roller.

With the first coat and second coat done, we moved on to more advanced topics.  Placing the stripes.  Armed with my laser level and a steady hand, I did my best to once again place the tape.  I can’t imagine someone hasn’t invented a better way to do this.  Perhaps they have, but I’m not exactly a painting hobbyist.  One afternoon, I plotted out my wall and design in Visio, took the measurements, got the stripe paint, put on the first coat, took Leslie to dinner, and finished the second coat.  Not bad for an afternoon.


The end result turned out pretty great.  I think Leslie was pretty much in shock as these dormant talents came to light.  I am reminded that Grandma Jones most likely passed on the painting skills at some point.  As for the final product, I notice some spots, but hopefully baby won’t.  And if baby does?  I guess that means he’s ready to pick up a trade and start going to work on the rest of the house.  Choose your words carefully baby.


Full evolution shown in the gallery below:

Phase 2: The decorating is already well underway.

2 thoughts on “Phase 1: The Sistine Chapel

  1. I’m seriously very proud of you! I didn’t know you had it in you. Think of all the exciting projects that await. We got to see it in person and truly it was a job well done.

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