Week 25

Well this is the second post in a row that is very late!!  I am planning to post week 26 by Friday so hopefully I can meet my own deadline.  Back to 25…it was a very busy week for me!  I had parent/teacher conferences which led to me working 12+ hour days.  I was pretty exhausted by the end of the week.  Andrew and I also had visitors from Thursday to Sunday.  Andrew’s parents came to visit and brought all of our baby shower gifts that they had graciously transported from Indianapolis.  We had a great weekend spending time together looking through all of the baby’s gifts, putting together the last pieces of nursery furniture (thanks Norm!!), watching football (Hoosiers and Badgers won!), and going out for delicious dinners.

My baby bump has been growing!  It is the first week to take the bump photo in the nursery!  Take a look:

Here’s what Baby Jones is up to this week: 

  • Baby is growing and is approximately the size of a cauliflower!
  • Baby’s hair is growing and developing color and texture.
  • Baby is working on his flips, kicks, and punches on a regular basis!  He has been hanging out quite low, but is now moving up.  I feel jabs in my right side and ribs every so often from our little acrobat.

Here’s what is happening with me this week: 


  • Tired, exhausted, weary, fatigued, etc…  The busy weekends and week have caught up to me!  I literally wake up to go to school then come home to rest.
  • More lower abdominal pain that seems to be due to round ligament stretching.
  • I’m still having a big appetite, but quickly feeling full after only eating a small portion.

Food Aversions

  • Chicken

Food Cravings

  • Soup
  • Celery with peanut butter


  • I have been so tired that I fall asleep easily!  I am still waking up every two hours or so.

Other Updates

  • Andrew and I are leaving for Wisconsin on Friday for another baby shower and to visit his family.  We feel blessed to have so many wonderful family and friends in our life to celebrate this exciting time!

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