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As it turns out, someone will have a surprise bit of “paternity” leave.  Right before Christmas we received an interesting bit of news from Leslie’s HR department as she was having her final observations for obtaining tenure in her school district.  After receiving glowing reviews in her observations, her principal recommended her to be brought on as a permanent teacher at the end of her 3rd year of teaching with the district.  HR had other ideas.  Instead they informed Leslie that this year didn’t count because she will not have taught the required 120 days.  Yikes, well how many has she taught?  If Baby Jones comes on his due date, she’d be at roughly 109.  Really?  Cool.  Oh wait, sick and vacation days don’t count.  What?  Lame.  So it’s more like she’s 15 days short?

Needless to say, being her best friend, I immediately sought other arrangements.  Leslie had planned on returning to school the following year in the fall, giving her plenty of baby time.  It turns out, in order to keep credit for this year of teaching, and progressing in her benefits accumulation she’s going to need to joyfully return a few weeks before school lets out.  Very productive.  However, not so productive for childcare arrangements, I immediately volunteered!  However, as the dates are unpredictable until Baby Jones is sprung, we have enlisted the help of some very proud future grandparents.  We’ve turned it into a positive.  Leslie’s mom will be coming for the first couple weeks in late May and my parents will be coming the last couple weeks to cover the remainder of the school year!

As Leslie’s is slowly being nursed back to health with what seems to be her reoccurring seasonal illness, we keep our fingers crossed that she won’t need many more sick days to get through the rest of the pregnancy.

In other news, we’ve completed both our child birth and breast feeding classes.  I even went to child birth class solo while Leslie was sick.  People looked at me funny, but once I told them that my wife had left me and I was planning on being a single dad, everyone was very supportive.  Many people have asked me “how it was” or “how it went”.  My answer would be just fine.  Yes, we got to watch many videos, and yes many of the subjects of the video clearly participated to help defer the costs of raising a new baby… I’ve never seen so many lower back tattoos, but the information was presented well.  I think it helped reassure us as well as inform us about options we have.  I’m not to worried, that’s what doctors are for, I’m sure our resort of a hospital can make us and most importantly Leslie, very comfortable.


Clearly, the classes have paid off.

I will now leave you with some words from a poet, and future great parent.

“At first I was afraid, I was petrified.

Until I learned to swaddle a baby

and shush him laying on his side.”

Oh and before anyone brings up that I left my sick wife to fly into Milwaukee and go to the Packer game with my dad.  I offered to take Baby Jones along, but we determined he wasn’t big enough yet.  Later he’ll understand because he, dad, and grandpa will certainly do this to mommy in the future!  It was a great experience and a good time.  It wasn’t even cold.  Love you Leslie, thanks!


My dad is in there somewhere.

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  1. So glad you were able to spend some quality time at Lambeau with Dad. He was thrilled to go! Thanks to Leslie for being so selfless and agreeing to the unexpected getaway.
    Needless to say we are so happy to spend bonding time with Baby Jones for a couple of weeks May/June. A dream come true!

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