Week 35

Week 35 is here!  We are getting closer and closer to the BIG day!  I have begun to feel the effects of one in the later stages of pregnancy.  The symptoms have left me requiring a lot more rest time.  I definitely have the nesting bug, but Andrew has been quick to tell me to rest and not overdo it with my cleaning, organizing, etc…

This week my school threw a baby shower for Andrew and me.  It was a lot of fun to celebrate the pregnancy and upcoming baby with my coworkers.  The special ed staff that I work with were the ones that hosted the shower.  They did an amazing job which means a lot since I know how busy they all are.

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Here’s the baby bump photo of the week:

Here’s what Baby Jones is up to this week: 

  • Baby has come close to reaching the length he will be at birth.
  • Baby continues to pack on the pounds.
  • Baby’s liver and kidneys are functioning and his brain is still developing.

Here’s what is happening with me this week: 


  • Oh boy, the contractions!!  Within the past few days they have increased in intensity and frequency.  They still seem to be Braxton Hicks, but I can definitely tell that baby is moving down.
  • My ankles, feet, and legs have decided to swell within the last week.  I am on my feet so much during the day and have been wearing my boots.  I am now wearing flats with no socks and getting used to having cold feet!  I also take warms baths every day to alleviate the aches and swelling.
  • Tears!!  I easily am brought to tears over the smallest of things.

Food Aversions

  • Chicken
  • Almonds
  • Pork chops

Food Cravings

  • Salad (especially salad bars)
  • Skinny Cow fudge bars
  • Outshine Lemon Fruit Bars
  • Water
  • Cara Cara Oranges


  • I can easily fall asleep, but continue to wake up often (about every 90 minutes or so).

Other Updates

  • We begin our weekly appointments this Friday.  We will continue to alternate between our midwife and OB/GYN doctor.
  • After some research and referrals from friends, we have selected our pediatrician and office for the baby.

2 thoughts on “Week 35

  1. This will also be the last week that we take the picture from this angle, as someone met their deadline to hang baby’s name up on the wall!

    Nesting be darned.

  2. Leslie & Andrew,
    We are so excited as the time draws closer for you and all of us. I know this little boy will be GREATLY loved. Can’t wait to meet him.
    Mom & Dad New

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