Week 25

Well this is the second post in a row that is very late!!  I am planning to post week 26 by Friday so hopefully I can meet my own deadline.  Back to 25…it was a very busy week for me!  I had parent/teacher conferences which led to me working 12+ hour days.  I was pretty…
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Week 22

Hello week 22!  It has been a great week as it is also MEA!  MEA is the Minnesota term for Fall Break which means I was off work on Thursday and Friday.  Boy, did it come at the perfect time!  I felt like a walking zombie at work on Wednesday.  I was so exhausted, I could…
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Week 19

This week has been a tiring one for me!  We haven’t had any big plans, but the long days at work definitely caught up with me.  I have felt more emotional and tired than ever.  This week I fell asleep pretty much immediately after eating dinner every evening.  I began to feel concerned that my…
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Varmint Cong

caddyshackThe following will be a chronicle of the battle that was waged in the Summer of 2013.  It will pit man (Badger) vs. gopher.  Some portions of the story may be unpleasant for female readers.  While words will never capture the full emotion of the struggle, the view from the baby’s future nursery does it’s best.

And so it starts…

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